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2005-01-17 21:27:18 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Well, it has been a movie filled weekend. Mike rented a projector, so we have been watching a lot of movies in the cluster lounge. Mike hooked up his laptop and Brian hooked up his speakers. On Friday we watched Clockwork Orange and Red Hot American Summer. On Saturday I watched Fat of the Land in the HUB auditorium, followed by Boondock Saints and Equilibrium. I need a cell phone camera! When I was leaving the HUB, I saw one of the computer kiosks had a sign under it that said, "Powered by Gateway Technology." The screen above the sign wasn't booting and said something like, "Please restart and select a valid boot device." Hehe. On Sunday I went to Pike Place with Mike and Brian. As soon as we arrived I ran into Josh! I met his finance and her brother(?) and I mentioned that I had watched his video. That was an interesting coincidence. After we were done, I departed them as they went back to the dorms and I headed home. For dinner Jeff and I made the open faced bread pizzas like we had before. I think I made a little too much of the ingredients, because they were overflowing with onions, broccoli, and (on mine) olives. They were still really good, though. The person we were going to ski with today called while dad was at the Sonics game and old us the weather forecast (warm and rainy). Jeff and I watched two Stargates, but I fell asleep a bunch during the second (and even had him pause it for a few minutes so I could take a short nap :) ). Afterwards, I took a half an hour nap. I went downstairs and watched Family Guy when my parents came home. I told them about the message and dad called the person. We decided not to go. We watched an Enterprise, I wrote a check to Kip Kubin for the Songs for Superheroes CD, and mom drove me home late at night (thanks!). Back at the dorm, Brian was playing a bunch of comedy videos (Pablo someone and Lewis Black). Today I had a headache, so I took some medicine, and worked on my computer science homework.
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