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2002-02-04 08:46:26 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Friday night and last night/this morning I was updating my perl scripts to automatically generate hate and like pages. It also allows users to register for an account so they can also rate my hates/likes. Right now Mr. Davis is talking about the ACM code of conduct. It is kind of funny, because Friday he was talking a lot about Micro$haft and today he is talking about making sure your software is secure; he hasn't mentioned M$ yet. Also, he was talking about not getting into personal/confidential data. Someone asked how we can't violate privacy but the FBI can with carn^H^H^H^HDCS1000. I was like, "score, lets see how he gets out of this one." He replied with some patriotic crap about how it is for national security. I couldn't help myself, I had to disagree, I said if someone is going to plan a terrorist attack, they are going to use encryption. He said that 128 bit encryption is illegal outside of the US (wrong, its not illegal, you just can't export it, although there are loopholes). He also said that 128 bit encryption can be cracked (distributed.net has been trying to crack a 64 bit code for a long time, which is 264 times smaller than a 128 bit code. Also, I use a 4 kilobit code, that will not be cracked in my lifetime using conventional computers [aka, not quantum computing]). </rant>
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