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2005-02-09 23:57:08 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Hmm, it has been a while. Let's see where to begin. Well, on 2005-01-22 we got a new car. I was kind of wondering if there would be a car waiting at home as a surprise, but my mom ended up calling me on the bus ride up the Ave to Scott's house and telling me the news. After spending a few hours at Scott's house working on biodiesel, mom picked me up, I got some stuff from my dorm, and then we headed to the VW dealer. It was ready when we got back. The lady selling us the car asked what I thought and I replied with, "Well, it's not really for me." I think that came out wrong :). What I meant to say was that I wouldn't be driving it much. She probably didn't want to know my real opinion on cars. However, for a vehicle, it is pretty nice. I drove that home and it was a pretty good drive. I doubled the miles from 16 to 32.
That week, my hemp sweater arrived. My mom was telling me how it was sort of see through (very loose knit) so I should take a look at it in case I wanted to return it. Since it was a fairly nice day on the Thursday, I rode my bike downtown and met her in the parking garage. She showed me the shirt and it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. If you are just holding up, you can see light coming through it, but when you are wearing it, it is barely noticeable. Anyway, I put that on and wore it on the ride back. Considering I hadn't ridden in a long time, I was surprised how easy the journey was. It felt really good to get out and about.
Friday was critical mass, so I was really about that. I had to finish up and turn in my CSE assignment, so Mike and I worked on that for a while. He had to leave, so I cleaned up a little bit of unnecessary code and added a few last Javadocs. I quickly turned it in and got my bike ready. I rode to the bus stop and caught the bus right before it left. This took me to Westlake and I was about 10 minutes early. We started out, went down past Pike Place, rode through Pioneer Square, and then came back through downtown. We continued in Belltown and then turned east and continued on Drexter. We took the last onramp onto Highway 99 before the bridge. We stopped at the stop sign for about a minute, creating a plan. Once we were ready, we waited for a gap and pedaled like hell. We quickly, safely, and successfully merged onto the Highway and took over the three northbound lanes. Let's just say, there were a few people who weren't too happy about that. It was pretty neat seeing the road nearly empty as far as we could see. There were a few cars in the right lane that had entered in the gap we created. We were riding at a steady clip, but about 1/3 of the way down the bridge, one car really got angry. They were honking up a storm! As soon as we approached the end, we took the first off ramp. A few of the cars that were directly behind us followed us off. This one Subaru stopped behind us and a woman got out of the passenger side. She was irate and was screaming, "What the hell do you think you are doing? Do you think you are rebels or something!" Crazy woman. After waving at a few of the cars, we continued up Stoneway and stopped in a parking lot. We got in a big circle and discussed the results. It was very successful for our small group, we managed to do it safely. I got a chance to ride one of the weird bikes, one guy was using another bike from to connect his front wheel to the bike. It was really hard to ride (especially at the slow speeds I was going). Another guy was on a double decker bike. A large group of us (including the double decker) continued up Stoneway and turned right onto 45th towards the UW. We went north a few blocks on the Ave before I split off. I entered the main entrance of the UW and saw my clustermates walking back from dinner. I barreled at them and stopped at the last minute. Mike's sister was there, so I got to meet her. After a little while, Mike, his sister, and I went to get bubble tea (I think this was the first time I had it).
Monday I went on a bike ride as well. I started going south on Eastlake, turned onto Harvard Ave, continuing on through 10th and to Broadway. I think I turned left at Pike to check out where the Capitol Hill Block Party was held. I then headed toward Union to check out an interesting building, which turned out to be the home of Fleurish. I went onto Madison, turned right on Broadway, and headed back.
The next weekend my mom told me she bought (well, would be renting) a DVR from *shudder* Comcast and Microsoft. On Saturday, I over viewed the installing of the DVR. Once again, Comcast gave us a bad installation experience because the software server was going really slow and the guy had to leave because it would have taken like two hours for the software to install. I must say, I was pretty impressed and I'm glad they got it. The user interface is kind of bad and slow, but the system performs well. You can record to HD shows at once and watch another. I tried pausing HD, which was hot. I was playing around with it while watching an IMAX movie about Dolphins on one of the INHD channels. So far, I've used up the most space on the box because I've recorded a bunch of HD shows. Just tonight we watched on about the Maya. Also, the first day we got it, I accidently recorded the short film "George Lucas in Love". I had seen it before, but not in a long time. It is a really fun film, and looks great in HD! Also, while at home, I watched the clips of Karl Fielding on The Price is Right. He didn't get much air time, but it was fun none the less. For some reason, I went home on that Wednesday, but I can't remember why.
The next Thursday, 2005-02-03, Jeff picked me up to fill the Jetta with biodiesel (for the first time, it came with a full tank of nasty petrol from the dealer). We bought one hundred more gallons, and then ate at Chaco Canyon. On Thursday I got up early (like 11:00) and attended the Xcoder programming class. Mom dropped off the car so I could drive to the building. It was fairly easy to find and pretty quick. I stayed there for seven hours learning. Even though I had run through Currency Converter before, I still learned a lot. At $15 including lunch, it was a great deal. I drove back and left the car at University Village. I went to the Apple Store to check out the iPod shuffle. While I was there, I played with iMovie HD on a Mac mini, which was great fun (it looked so good and performed surprisingly well). Sunday I went home to do laundry :) (and I ended up watching a short HD show about Space)
Monday I went to a talk about "Techniques for Sustainable Design" in the architecture hall. That was interesting, learning about the steps they went through when designing a few new buildings for a small college in San Jose. On Tuesday I attended a fascinating talk by one of the CSE professors on "Location Estimation for Activity Recognition". Machine learning and data mining really interest me, so this was a wonderful talk. My CS professor attended as well. I wonder if I can get a copy of their software :). I want to see how it works for my daily travel schedule. Today was really nice (clear skies, semi-cold, but sunny) so I stood around the HUB lawn between classes eating bagels with Mike and the Jews. I know a few of the people already, and the rest seem really friendly. After classes, I took the bus downtown with my mom and got some stuff notarized. We headed home and I went to the store to buy some yummy ingredients for another vegan mediterranean dish. I cooked that nearly all by myself (I think the only help I received was having my dad cut a few small potatoes in half during my crunch time). I also made some garlic bread to go with it. I drank red wine and ate some chocolate as well. Good times. I can't wait until I have my own place and can eat like that every day :). Mom took me back to the dorm, but we stopped at Kinkos on the way to fax some stuff. We made a copy of a voided check, costing $0.09 USD, and charged it onto my mom's Visa card (since it was either that or a copy card thing). Then we faxed the paperwork for my future temp work for Google, which is where they made the money back. $1 per page and we had 13 pages :(. Next time we should scan it at home and then fax it using my computer (never done that before).
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