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2005-02-14 20:45:14 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Okay, well maybe I didn't go back home that one Wednesday, I can't remember (see the previous post). Anyway, it has been a pretty good weekend. On Saturday, I met up with the biodiesel crew at Scott's house and we worked on improving the area. I helped clean out the dehydration barrel as well as a large number of small bottles that had been holding samples. There had previously been a ton of samples that were from who knows when, so we emptied most of them out and got them cleaned up. Ravi worked on installing some lights over the reaction vessel. Afterwards, I had my mom come and pick me up in the biodiesel powered VW. I didn't really want to take the bus home because I had a bunch of stuff and I hadn't gotten somewhat wet riding back from Scott's. Back at home, we made a recipe from the vegan Mediterranean cookbook that was like a pie with polenta crust and vegetable stew insides. Mom made some asparagus and I made garlic bread. While eating, we started watching a show in HD about Washington. Well, it was mainly a scenery show (flyovers of lots of areas of Washington). It was hilarious how the announcer personified everything. It was actually pretty old, since it included the Kingdome. We had to stop watching temporarily to go see Fuddy Meers at the local high school. My brother was doing the lights, so he always got mom to go and watch. I was sort of curious, since I hadn't seen a high school play since around elementary school. It was a little weird since I had only been back to school once since I graduated (while dropping Jeff off on the way to the Google Open House, I entered and used the bathroom). Surprisingly, Tim Versdahl was there in line for tickets. How unexpected. I also saw lots of adults I recognized (a bunch from Boy Scouts). I probably recognized as many adults as I did children. The show was surprisingly enjoyable. I am a fan of live theatre, so I guess I should support it at all levels. That night I worked on some JavaScript for the NCBC website (more info on this later).
Sunday morning, I watched some SuperBowl commercials with my family. Later in the day I watched some more on the internet (the ones I missed because I had to leave). Pepsi had some good ones this year. I think my favorite of all was the Pepsi "Staying Alive" commercial featuring Carson from Queer Eye. That was hilarious. Ameriquest also had some good ones. See, companies, if you make short, entertaining commercials that I don't have to watch that often (no more than twice a day), then I will be more likely to watch them. Commercials are so annoying that I block them out of my mind and fast forward through commercials. A few companies make entertaining commercials (Apple, IBM, maybe a few others) and I am willing to stop fast forwarding to actually watch the commercial. Google ads are also unobtrusive and I'm much more likely to click on them. Anway, after that I was driven back to school to meet up with Ben to work on the NCBC website. We got quite a bit done and integrated my JavaScript thing with his design.
That night, Jeff came and we had dinner at World Wrapps. In honor of Carnival, I had the Caribbean wrap thing. Also, I've been looking online again to order some CDs, but I haven't had too much luck. Right now I want to get Soca Switch Eleven and Destra's Laventille, but both are hard to find. I want to find them together so I can save on shipping. One CD is like $12.50 to ship to the states. Anyway, we ate dinner, picked up Mike, and then headed to Capitol Hill to see U.S.E. at Nuemo's. I hadn't really been to a club like this before, so it was interesting. It wasn't the best organized, because it took forever to get in and they didn't control the lines very well (there was supposed to be one for people who had tickets in hand and another for those who didn't). Everyone eventually got in, so I guess it turned out okay. It seemed pretty small, but had some nice big speakers on either side of the stage. There was also a balcony on one side where drinks were served. I was surprised to find that smoking was allowed inside. I don't know, I guess I didn't expect that to happen in a crowded theatre, I know it happens in bars, but I didn't realize it would here. It wasn't too bad, except for a few times when people were smoking right next to me (and it was only the cigarettes that bothered me, not the... /other/ smokes). I was pleasant inside, but Mike didn't get warmed up until U.S.E. started. The first guy to play was okay. It was just him, a guitar, and his CD player. However, then U.S.E. started and the fun began. It instantly became a few dozen degrees warmer and many magnitudes louder. The show rocked and I we were fairly close. Jeff migrated away after the first song, but Mike was behind me for the whole set. They played a lot of their newer songs in the middle, with the classics at the beginning and end. After the show, Jeff and I purchased some merchandise. He got a shirt (which I think are new) and I finally got my hand on a U.S.E. wrist band :). We decided to head out after that since we had gotten our moneys worth and it was a school night. My ears were like cotton for quite a while afterwards.
Just a few more things to get out of the way. First of all, if I remember correctly, the people I rode the rides with in Ohio were named: Matt Swanston, Aaron, and Jose. Also, I've said some harsh stuff here on the past. I believe stuff shouldn't be removed from the internet, so I'm leaving it here. But I would like to add that I don't necessarily feel that way anymore (well, except maybe about cars ;) ). In the past, it has been maybe a few individuals that pissed me off, but I wrote about my feelings in broad generalizations. However, times change and I am no longer around these certain people, so I no longer harbor this animosity. Also, I've met a lot of people that break the generalizations. I'm mainly referring to stuff I've said about my fellow Americans. Determining the offending posts is an exercise left up to the reader.
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