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2005-02-18 23:15:33 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I was riding on Eastlake yesterday, back from visiting my mom downtown, when I was stopped at a red light. Behind me I could hear the soft clunk of a late model diesel. Hmm, I wondered, could it be a VW? I turned my head and sure enough, it was. Hmm, could it be running biodiesel? No, that would be too awesome. However, when the light turned green and it passed me, it had a Dr. Dan's sticker on it! Whoo. I wanted to wave and give him a thumbs up, but that would be a little weird and I don't think he would have understood why I was doing it. This morning Ravi sent out an e-mail linking to two PI articles. I didn't realize how neat that was until I was walking around and saw the articles on the front page! Wow, two large articles in the PI about biodiesel, awesome. Biodiesel article one. Biodiesel article two. Also, the JavaScript map thing I was working on was for the NCBC - National Collegiate Biodiesel Consortium which Ravi started. It will help link together biodiesel research projects at universities across the country.
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