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2005-03-07 03:00:55 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Not much to talk about, I've been pretty busy with school and school activities. I've been to a bunch of talks and I've met with Toby Padilla from MusicMobs a few times. On Friday I went with Mike to Hillel for Shabbot. The service was interesting, they had djembes to go along with the prayers. After service, we went downstairs for dinner where I met lots of nice, fun people. After dinner and dessert, they sang some more, and then a group of us headed to the park on Ravenna. We were there for a few hours and I had a good time. I enjoyed the spontaneity of the group. Someone mentioned the game human knot, so we quickly decided to play. The first round went well, but the second round left us with a knot we couldn't untie, and the third round left us with two interlocking rings (it was a big group). Afterwards, most of us headed back to the dorms. We stopped at McCarty for a while because another group was there and a bunch of people wanted to chat. After that, Mikey, Elizabet, and Jess came back to our dorm where we had tea and hung out for a while. They were actually there for quite a while, and I went to bed soon afterwards. It was a good time, I expect to be doing it again in the future.
In other news, I've started a separate blog for politics and other stuff like that that interests me. I must say Blogger has a really great interface and some awesome designs. Anyway, you might want to read my thoughts on the revitalization of Mercer Island.
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