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2005-03-18 01:14:47 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Line graph with upward trend, courtesy of Yahoo! FinanceApple stock price, or Andrew's blood pressure from last Friday through Monday? Either one would probably work; the weekend was pretty stressful. On Saturday I toured a bunch of on-campus apartments. One group was too far from campus and little too suburban for me. I also toured some directly north of University Village (right near OmniGroup), but that was down hill from campus and on the not as cool side. I would rather be near the Ave where things happen! I also toured the Commodore Apartments which were built around 1930 (and are across the street from the main campus). It would be really nice to live there (the building had lots of character, and an an elevator a cage for a door), but it is fairly expensive, and they only have studios and one bed room apartments. The apartments with the bedroom were really beautiful because they had french doors separating the bedroom from the living space. The sound isolation was also much better than the new apartments and it felt sturdier (even if it might not be as earthquake sound). Sunday was mostly spent studying. Around 16:00, Mike, Brian, and I went out to toss the frisbee. The Quad was packed people enjoying the cherry trees, so we went to the HUB lawn instead. We played for a good while and had a nice run at the end. We came back and I studied more (as well as finished my math homework). That night I stocked up at Ian's Domain for the next day of finals.
Monday was a bitch. I had to get up at 07:50 for a math final that started at 08:20. I had a frappuccino (one of the glass containers that you can buy in a store) before the final and two Honest Teas afterwards (which I picked up on the way back). Then I continued studying for my chem final, and then took it, which only took about 45 minutes. After a little while, I went for a walk and ended getting a real frappuccino. After getting back, I had two or three glasses of mint tea. I was so wired on caffeine that night, I was flying around the cluster. The next day I was free, so I headed downtown. I went to the original Starbucks for a grande soy no-whip peppermint hot chocolate. I slowly walked down the stores looking at food, since it wasn't very crowded. Next I picked up a vegan cinnamon roll and ate that while standing near the flying fish place. I also went to Tenzing Momo for some dreadlock gel. I had seen it on the internet, and I wanted to try it out. Some of my dreads are stubborn and parts won't dread, so I thought this could help. I was a little skeptical, but I've used it a little bit and it seems to work well. I'm thinking of washing my hair tomorrow or maybe this weekend, and I'll put a bunch in my hair after I get all the salt, wax, and possible mildew out. The gel smells nice. My mom was busy at work, and my dad had already left work, so I then took the bus back. I did some studying for the CS final the next day.
I got up Wednesday and looked at last quarter's CS final. That made me feel confident, since it didn't seem too hard. I was bored and anxious, waiting for the final at 14:30, but then I remembered that my chem final was graded, so I got my iPod, put on the Allegria soundtrack, and walked down to the chem building. My TA was eating lunch when I got my test. I did fairly well, and got a pretty good grade in the class (a little better than last quarters chem grade). It was windy and rainy when I entered the building, but more calm and sunny when I left. It was if the weather was representing my mood! I went back to the cluster and waited a while. Then Mike and I went to the HUB so he could get some soda, and we headed to the final. I sat next to Mikey while Mike sat in the row behind (since there weren't two seats together). I had a dream a few days ago that Hal would just lecture during the time, but it wasn't true and we did have a final :). I was very careful during the final. My grade was just posted and I did well on that one too. Now I'm just waiting to hear about math. That night Poon, Seth, and I hopped on the 44 toward Ballard and Freemont. Those busses were old! I've been spoiled by the new hybrids on the 550 and the various 70s routes. We bought some cheap sushi (cheap, but good, so I guess I should say inexpensive). While waiting, we walked up and stopped at QFC. We were going to finish the trek at the Erotic Bakery, but we turned around because we didn't know how far it was and how long until our sushi would be ready. As soon as we got the sushi, we ran across the street and caught the bus, just as it was arriving (yay for jay walking!). I stuffed myself silly with the sushi while listening to Futurama (it was on TV, but I was facing away). Later, while listening to the O soundtrack, I packed up some of my clothes and other stuff. I also recycled a bunch of papers.
Today I woke up at 10:30 and finished putting the last stuff together. Mom came around, maybe, 11:30, and I put my stuff in the car (it only took three trips). I waved goodbye and went back to my room. I got my bike stuff together, but was slowed because the guys were watching MacGyver and I couldn't break its grasp. I finally got ready, but then I remembered that I hadn't given my mom my pump, and I had no backpack. After pumping up my front tire, I taped the pump to my bike. I finally headed out. I quickly tired because I hadn't really eaten any carbs this morning. My throat also got sore from breathing in all the polluted air, but I pushed on. I road down Lake Washington Boulevard, across I-90, and then to downtown MI. I stopped at the Starbucks for a grande carmel light frappuccino. I got cold because I was in the shade the sun was behind clouds. I think Starbucks is experimenting with computer vision or something. I was wearing my Bob Marley t-shirt today and three Bob Marley songs played over the in-store speaker system while I was dining. There was only like one other person in the store the whole time, so their cameras must have recognized my t-shirt (it says Bob Marley on the back) and played the music. Or, another possibility, it might have seen my dreads and correlated using that information. Anyway, after finishing, I road around downtown looking at the new housing developments. It is crazy how all this construction just started on the island at once. I continued riding home, which was painful at times, but I really pushed myself. Eye on the goal, Andrew. I decided not to stop at Georgio's on the way back (maybe tomorrow). I arrived at a toasty home. It was 19 degrees inside the house, and I was burning, so I turned off the heat. I called my mom to tell her I made it, all 21 or 22 kilometers. I then rested for a little while, before starting on my birthday cake. Dad soon arrived home, and Uncle Keith stopped by for a little while.
Before making my cake, I rode to the store to get some vegan stick margarine (the kind my parents got had whey). That probably wasn't necessary, since we went to the store later before making the frosting (which that was needed for). I turned the oven on when I started, because that is what the instructions said, but it took me like an hour before I put the cake in. Anyway, the vegan cake had lots of healthy (well, healthy as far as cake goes) ingredients including whole wheat flour and raw sugar. Nothing refined or processed here! I called my mom about 10 times during the process, asking little questions about pan size or where I could find certain ingredients. Hopefully she actually managed to get work done today :). I cooked the cakes and then took them out. My mom and I were thinking on the same page for dinner: tomato-pesto linguine (also vegan). While my mom dropped a jacket off at the dry cleaners, I went into the store and started getting the items. I get nearly the same stuff every time (organic artisan bread, pine nuts, black and green dark chocolate bar, organic basil, tomato), so I was almost done shopping when my mom reached me (I rushed through the store). We made dinner, and then ate it while watching The Incredibles (go Pixar!). During the movie, we paused to make the peanut butter frosting, and then paused a little while later to frost and eat the cake. It was really good, and really dense. I put took some stuff upstairs while waiting for my brother to get home from his play. We ended up watching two episodes of Arrested Development because that show is hilarious and Mikey had said the "next on" previews were always fake, which I wanted to check out. After talking to my brother a while, here I am. Coming up soon: frisbee tomorrow, NW Biodiesel Forum Saturday, ?????? Sunday and more! Stay tuned.
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