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2005-04-03 22:41:58 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I forgot to include this in my post describing finals week: On the Tuesday of finals week, after I got back from downtown, I was in my cluster a little while before I decided to bike to gas works. To my dismay, the playground was all blocked off and the climbing tower thing was all rusty and didn't have any handles on it anymore :(. I rode my bike up the hill, and as I crested a peak, a seaplane flew right overhead. A couple took off while I was there. I then road back and studied for CS.
Anyway, not to continue where that post left off. Friday was Thomas Diesel's birthday. I got dropped off at the high school frisbee practice and played with them for a while. I practiced with them, but my mom arrived to pick me up when the scrimmage started. We went to the U-district and walked a short distance to Chaco Canyon. We were the first ones there, since we were a few minutes early. It was by reservation only, since it was the Spring Equinox dinner. It had a number of courses (including palette cleansers) and was surprisingly filling. It was really delicious and I was completely satisfied. Of course, I had a mocha madness to go along with it. We walked down the Ave and I waited with her at the bus stop for a while as we chatted. Kenneth walked by. Finally, I left to go to my talk. While we were there, two cars with biodiesel stickers passed. I went to my talk and someone tried to give me a biodiesel pamplhet. The talk had a number of people (include Mayor Greg Nickels), but it was mainly for Svend Auken, someone from the Danish government. He was really entertaining and gave a good talk. One thing I learned: it is relatively easy to get things done in a small, socialist country. Afterwards I went to write down some of his quotes and pick up stuff I forgot.
On Saturday was the NW Biodiesel Forum. It was a who's who of local biodiesel folk. It was packed and very interesting. They even had a truck there so anyone could fill up with biodiesel (saving me a trip down to Dr. Dan's).
Not much to talk about the next few days. I worked on my assignment for Google. I did a lot of cooking. I was at the grocery store nearly every day over break. I'm really quick at picking up certain items, because I use them so often in cooking (like basil, tomatoes, bread, and pine nuts). Their (organic) basil is getting progressively worse and every time I go it is even more withered. It makes me look forward to our first produce box from Full Circle Farm (we pick it up next Thursday). I also tried making a mocha madness at home. The first time it worked fairly well, but the second two attempts weren't as good (the second sucked). The biggest problem making it myself is all the preparation and clean up (for both the expresso machine and blender). I'll stick to Chaco Canyon for now.
Wednesday I rode to frisbee on my bike. Mikey was there and we had a great time (while they practiced, Mikey and I would just toss the frisbee). I had improved quite a bit from last Friday (at which point I was rusty). I hadn't really eaten much on that morning, and on the way over I really ripped up my lungs from the cold, polluted air on Island Crest Way, so I stopped at Starbucks for some carbs (potato baguette) and complimentary water. After getting off my bike, I had some more energy and had fun playing. I rode home on West Mercer (stopping at QFC on the way back for bread to go along with our summer vegetable stew (yum)). Friday I rode to frisbee (and was sure to eat lots of carbs that morning). I wore shorts too, so one of the frisbee coaches gave me a hard time (since I didn't normally where shorts). After frisbee, I rode to the bus stop and caught the bus downtown. I participated in Critical Mass, which wasn't too exciting this month (I think I was too preoccupied hoping my tires wouldn't pop), but still fun. We rode around downtown a bunch of times, then went through the international district and started down Rainier. Once we got to the bike path, I pulled off and headed home. I forgot my light, so it was a little weird going through the empty bike trail in a very dark night. The bridge was lit, fortunately. I did call my brother to pick me up, though, since I didn't want to try to make it home in the dark with all the dangerous motorists.
Saturday I went to the bank and then caught a bus over to Rainier. I waited at Burger King for like 20 minutes when Michael Town picked me up. We went to BioLyle's solar party. I had my doubts about solar in Seattle, but he showed me. He gets hot water and electricity from solar (the solar hot water heater is 70% efficient and can work in below freezing temperatures). He also has machine that splits Oreos. I tried to convince my parents to get solar, but no go... for now.
Sunday I went home. Then I went through my week. My classes are okay. I have a shit load of reading for English, unfortunately. I like my math teacher. I also realized that physical chemistry is physics, which made me sad :(. Friday my parents picked up the new The Decemberists CD for me and then picked me up. Waiting for me at home (it arrived a day or two earlier) was my new Moby CD and Teany book. Saturday we went to *shudder* Bellevue. After eating lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, we went to the bike store for a pump, and I also picked up some spare inner tubes and chain grease. We headed over to the mall so I could go to The Body Shop. Not only did I pick up more hemp moisturizer, but we got Jeff some tea tree face wash (which I use) and I got some shaving cream stuff. I was elated to find my new hemp clothing waiting for me at home. I took a shower and tried on one of the shirts. Very nice. We made dinner and watched some HDTV (and a Queer Eye in SD). Today we celebrated my dad's birthday (which is tomorrow). We went to dinner at Yea's Wok in Newport... which is always packed. They dropped me off at the dorm (well, I dropped myself off, since I was driving (to get more fuel efficiency in the VW)). After unpacking a little bit of stuff, I cleaned my bike and chain. The chain really needed cleaning and I'm glad I did it. I'll have to do it more often from now on. Now I'm hear listening to Moby's Hotel (disc 2, the ambient stuff) and writing about the last two weeks. So long.
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