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2005-04-05 23:08:01 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Today Mike and I decided to go on a bike ride. I managed to get Brian to come as well, so we had a nice little group. After getting all our gear on (they needed jackets, ha!), we proceeded. I led the way since I had been on this route dozens of time before. We rode through campus and then took a nice trip to South Lake Union. I took one wrong turn to get off Eastlake, but it was a few streets to early, and we ended up having to ride up a big hill. Oops, sorry guys. Once we reached Valley, they decided we should turn around, so we did a little u-turn and rode back. Near the top of Eastlake (the highest elevation) we were stopped at a light and I was slowly moving, so I didn't have to take my feet off the petals. As soon as it turned green, I launched out of the gate and was racing the cars down the hill. They were only slightly faster than me. After a little ways, I got nervous about cars turning onto the street and hitting me, and I decided I should wait for the others to catch up. We were gone for maybe 45 minutes and it was a really fun ride. Maybe we'll do it again on Thursday. It is fun to have partners.
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