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2005-04-10 21:08:27 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Some updates on life. On Thursday I rode my bike to the Seattle Center. I didn't want to risk the railroad tracks on Valley or the high speed of Broad Street, so I took Fairview to Denny and took that to 5th Ave. Denny was completely blocked for a few blocks, but since I was on a bicycle, I could slip right past all of the cars. I locked up my bike and ate with my mom at the Mediterranean Kitchen. After dinner, I quickly headed to EMP (after getting the light off my bike, so it wouldn't be stolen) to go to this electronic drum event. It was half performance, half sales pitch, but at least I got free drumsticks out of it (now... to get some drums).
On Friday, Mike and I road our bikes to Gasworks. He had never been and I wanted to take some pictures since it was a really nice day. On the way, we saw the duck tour car/boat thing getting out of the water. It was windy there, but still very nice. There were a lot of people there, including a few flying kites. While on the top of the hill, my mom invited me to the Sonics game (since my dad wasn't going that night). We ate at Roti (which I was unable to find in Google Local) and I stuffed myself silly (it was good, though). The Sonics were dominated, which was unfortunate, but at least I got to see Reggie Evans dance.
I woke up fairly early Saturday (as early as any weekday, around 10:30) so Mike, Brian, and I could go downtown. We went in a few department stores as they looked for fancier clothes. Unfortunately, Brian was too small for most of the clothes. Afterwards we wen to Pike Place and I had a really delicious sandwich from one of the places there. It had grilled eggplant, grilled green veggies, pesto sauce, and mozzarella. This was all in a big bun, which they then proceeded to grill in a Panini grill. It was delicious (Mike and Brian agreed about their sandwiches as well). We went back to the dorm, had a green tea party on the balcony, and then I packed up and headed home. Once home, I saw all the food that came in our box of produce. For dinner, we made parsnip and broccoli soup, a salad with yellow carrots, some kind of lettuce, and tomatoes, and a homemade vinaigrette from my Teany book. Most of the food was organic and locally grown. After dinner we brewed some rooibos tea and I put the tea bags on my eyebrows to try and help with dryness. The hot tea bags felt nice.
Today we watched Boondock Saints and the first two episodes of Eyes of Nye. I thought it was good, but I have some reservations about the Nuclear Energy episode. I don't think he accurately represented just how bad the coal we currently burn is. Not only does it pump lots of waste into the atmosphere, but much of the particulate matter is radioactive and/or contains really, really nasty chemicals. Later that day, we made guacamole with the avocados, the other onion, one of the lemons, and some more roma tomatoes, all from the produce box. Now I'm back in the dorm where I snacked on half a bag of mini-carrots and got a few hundred percent the RDA of vitamin A :).
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