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2005-04-23 00:12:58 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Whew. I've been really busy with school recently. I haven't been able to attend any biodiesel meetings lately or really anything else that I have my finger in. Last weekend I had so many activities that I didn't even go home for the weekend! I know! I was really excited Friday, because I got to see USE again! I went there by myself on Friday, and it was my first time at the Vera project. They have a really nice space. The stage is small, but it can fit lots of people around it. I had a great time. The next day Mike and tried to go taste some tea at this place on Queen Anne. We got a late start, and the Queen Anne hills really beat us up, so we didn't make it in time (but we came much closer than we realized). It was nice getting some exercise, though. That night I went with my brother, Mike, and Will to see USE again. This show may have even been more fun than the previous night's! I talked to more band members than I had before, and I was sure to thank all of them for the great performances. When I went with the group, all of us except Will got on stage (although, I consider it a victory just having him come to the show). I had never done this before, and I didn't know how many more chances I would get (they are quickly gaining popularity, so they might not be in such small venues in the future). The place was packed both nights. The second night Strength played before USE. I really enjoyed them, and they even played Could You Be Loved (although, it didn't seem many other people recognized it). USE will be playing at Operation Husky Stadium, so less than a month until I see them again. Excellent.
This week went by fast as well (when I'm busy with school). Yesterday I went on a tour of the recycling center on campus (well, where they sort the paper) and Merrill Hall. Both were interesting, but I loved the Merrill Hall tour. It was probably the greenest building I have ever been in (well, besides a tent, but that doesn't count). The inside smelled great (like a very light straw smell), it was well lit, had smoothing colors, and was very eco-friendly. I couldn't have asked for a better Earth Day, it was beautiful today. I walked through the Quad on the way back from chemistry (slightly out of my way) to check out the booths, and there was a steel drum playing (I believe it was the UW's). I got my stuff together and took the bus downtown. After reading about street food in the Stranger the night before, I got a craving for a sandwich from Zaina (on Cherry between 1st and 2nd). I had been there once before and absolutely loved it. This time I got a quick, delicious falafel sandwich. Yum. I didn't eat outside, even though perhaps I should have, but there was someone smoking right there, which would have ruined the atmosphere (a cigarette, not a Hookah, which are located all around the restaurant, which I wouldn't have minded). I went uphill, got some Starbucks (it wouldn't have been a day in Seattle without that), cashed a check, and walked with my mom to Capital Hill to pick up her car. It was a nice walk, once we got away from the hospital and onto some smaller, foliage-covered streets. At home I immediately opened my window, it was too nice a day not to. Now, as I sit here, it smells absolutely delicious, like the outdoors! One of the reasons I had to come home this weekend was to eat some homemade food for once. We got another basket of produce on Thursday, so we made broccoli and delicious garlic mash potatoes. I think they potatoes could have used a little more garlic, though... 'cause I love garlic.
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