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2005-05-02 21:48:34 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Let's see. I guess I'll continue where I left off. That Sunday (the 24th) I watched two episodes of Eyes of Nye. The first one was about sports and many of the athletes were from the UW. I wish it would have been heavier on the science, though. At some point they gave pseudo-equations about hitting a baseball and they told you to go online to learn more. I would have preferred they just used the actual equations in the show. The second episode I watched was about sex. The episode started off with Bill Nye on the Ave right in front of Shalimar! Sweet.
Wednesday evening I rode my bike to the Experience Music Project for a lecture on Bob Dylan. It was really interesting and I'll try to go to all the lectures in the series that I can make. I know I can't go this Wednesday because I have a Moby concert.
On Friday Tiger was released. Will's copy arrived in the mail, so he installed it, then Brian, then Mike. Everyone installed without problem. Brian got really mad at Will for installing so slowly (like admiring the box for a minute or two before even opening it). Everyone in the cluster ordered a copy (well, all Mac users), but Will's was the first to arrive. That evening was critical mass. It had rained, so everything was really wet. I stopped at the first stop sign outside my dorm and nearly wiped out. I started fishtailing and my front wheel went at extreme angles, but fortunately I recovered. I made it to red square safely (but not without other scares), but everyone had already left. I debated whether I should go, since it was so wet, but settled on going. I made it there just before the scheduled time, but for some reason we left like 10 or more minutes late. We didn't go to pioneer square this time. Instead we rode toward Seattle Center. We were on Denny going toward lower Queen Anne, but for some reason we cut through a gas station and then headed north on Broad. We had a little confusion before going through the underpass, but we all ended up back on Broad again. We then went up Eastlake to the UW. We rode up the Ave, and then down 45th. It was fun riding down the tall bridge :). We then road through University Village where I cut off to go look through the Tiger line. My clustermates weren't there, but as I was passing the front of the store, someone said hey. It turned out to be my CS TA from last quarter. I asked her if she was getting Tiger and she said maybe. I caught up with the rest of the group as they were turning onto 25th Ave NE. While on Montlake Boulevard, I was near the back and this crazy woman accelerated through the group, in the middle of two lanes, and nearly hit a number of people. She kept powering her way through the group, but we caught up with her and surrounded her. Unfortunately, when the middle lane divider disappeared, she zoomed past using the other lanes. We turned right onto Pacific and then I split from the group going north on 15th. I went back to the cluster and relaxed there for a while. Eventually my brother got out of H2G2 and picked me up (with all my laundry).
Saturday I got home and did a bunch of laundry. After everything dried, we went to Jalisco and then they dropped me off. By the time I had all my laundry put away and had a little bit to drink (water, I was thirsty), Mike and I headed to the Theta Xi frat. We walked up 18th looking for the house. It was pretty easy, since it had a distinctive drum machine beat emanating from it. It was a little odd, it being my first frat party, but it was well run. USE ran sound check and then disappeared while an opening band played. After they were done, it was time for USE! When they came out, at least one CD was thrown into the audience. It whizzed past my head and I think hit Mike in the face, before falling to the ground. He picked it up and we realized what it was. Now we both have the physical CD. The show rocked and didn't get nearly as hot as the Vera shows. Most of the lights came from stuff on stage, so it was hard to get pictures, but Mike took a few (I reminded him to bring his camera). We were slowly moved toward the back of the group, but that was okay. After the show we shook hands with Peter, and talked and had pictures taken with Noah, Jason, and Jon. Too bad there isn't a USE show every weekend! Now I have to wait two full weeks for the next one!
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