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2005-05-06 23:55:23 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Well, there is not much new stuff going. I've been really busy with school. Good news on the biodiesel front. Due to recent tax breaks (which I can't agree with, but oil gets even bigger subsidies), biodiesel at Dr. Dan's is down to 3 $/gallon (down from 3.4 (both prices are for 100 gallon purchases)). Before it was a good deal when you factor in the political, social, economic reasons for using it, and now it is down right cheap! The price premium for biodiesel has gone from about 1.4 $/gallon to .25 $/gallon in only one year. It is now a better time than ever to check this stuff out.
On Wednesday I went with my brother to the Moby concert. I wasn't surprised to find lots of vegan and PETA advocates. The opener wasn't too good, but the Moby concert was a lot of fun. I thought the bass might have been a little too loud (it sounded overwhelming... I'm a fan of bass, but it was a little much). I really liked the slow rendition of Natural Blues that they played. I didn't eat before hand (because I wasn't very hungry and there were no bagels at 8), so I had my brother drop me off on the Ave and I picked up a hummus sandwich at Aladdin Gyro-cery. The sandwich was good, but the hummus was a little bland. It hit the spot, though.
This morning I stayed up until 05:00. I woke up at 10:30 (Brian would get back from class at that point, so I asked him to wake me up, but the little bastard tried to wake me up at 10:27 when I explicitly said 10:30; I showed him by falling back to sleep for the last 3 minutes) and quaffed a Starbucks mocha frappuccino thing. Elena soon came over and I talked with her until 11:30. I studied a little more and added a few more equations to my chem notes. I went to my math class, which had very low attendance, and looked over my notes while the teacher went over Wednesday's midterm. Then I went to chemistry and took /that/ midterm. I feel fairly confident about it, though; none of the problems stumped me and I was able to finish all but just a small part. My way home had a couple of perfect timings. I got to the bus stop like 90 seconds before the 71 arrived, arrived at the next bus stop just as my other bus arrived, and was dropped off at the parking ride just as my mom was driving up. I made excellent time getting home!
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