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2005-05-24 02:49:15 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
So, how are things? Good? Glad to hear it. Enough about you, now to talk about yours truly. First, I went out on the balcony a few minutes ago and I must say, the moon is very beautiful tonight. It is big, bright, and pretty low in the sky. I don't see it much anymore from my dorm, so seeing it full was a pleasant surprise. BTW, I see Dashboard is predicting Thursday will be 28°... quite a scorcher. Of course, it has often proved to be bad at long term predictions.
I'm happy to say I've gotten half my cluster addicted to Firefly. I watched the first episode with Mike late last week and now we have watched the first six episodes. Brian and Will watch them too :). The first hit is free. Speaking of my clustermates, I have acquired some pictures from Mike that I'm sure I'll regret if I ever become rich and famous. I'm in the minority of the pictures, though (well, I'm in a bunch, but only a few are compromising).
Today I went to get some shots with my family at the UW Medical Center's travel medicine department. I got two shots and three prescriptions and we took home lots of reading material. Apparently we are already up to hepatitis G. I find it amusing they name these the same way they do computer viruses. Dude, did you hear? Jimmy caught HS.Hepatitis.G@mm. Oh, really? That sucks. Afterwards we ate at the new Blue C because I was super hungry. After that we got a peppermint plant for Andrew. I planted it when I got back to the dorm. Hopefully it'll grow up big and strong so I can pick its leaves for tea. I felt like crap earlier today because I got really dehydrated (I'm sure the shots didn't help). I drank a bunch of water and my arm feels better, but I still didn't feel like doing work today.
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