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2005-05-28 23:59:54 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
So damn hot. Yesterday my cluster finished watching Firefly, including all the special features (not commentary, though). Mike got really pissed at Fox for canceling it :). See, this is why we need to move away from the current television distribution paradigm. Quality shows get abused and cancelled to make way for more schlock, leaving lots of viewers disappointed. We need a system in place to bypass the networks and bring more options to the viewer. I believe the ideal system is DVD. The distribution network is already in place, it has a huge installed base, the quality is higher than TV, there are no commercials (well, there shouldn't be), and it is permanently time-shifted. I heard Futurama might come out with new episodes direct to DVD, and this could be a big win for fans. No more preemptions to make way for Star Wars II or the latest sports event. There are a lot of expectations for Serenity, so I hope Fox didn't try to control it too much (like they did with the series). I also hope they won't spend too much time introducing characters or give away all the mysteries in the story. I'd like there to be lots of room left open for more movies or another TV series (preferably direct to DVD). Fuck Fox.
Friday was super hot. It got up to about 34° C, setting records and resulting Seattle's first heat warning. What did I do? I exercised, out in the sun, more than any other day this year. In the morning I biked to my dad's office downtown to pick up my passport and he helped me fax some documents. I rode back, took a shower, and put on some shorts. After classes, I rode to Seattle Center to watch this year's Pan Jam, which was held at Folklife. I met up with Mikey and we hung out there. After the bands were over, and I decided I didn't want any food (just a mango lemonade), I said my goodbye and biked to Westlake. I haven't been writing about Critical Mass much, but this was the best one yet, so I have to say something. We didn't leave until like 18:10, but when we did it was great. We had a group of at least 100 people, I'd estimate. I'm not very good with numbers, but the group was huge. It was also the fastest, most aggressive cycling yet (aggressive as in tackling fairly steep hills). We started heading south on 2nd or 3rd. We turned onto Yesler and went over the bridges. I was in the back for most of the trip, and this was a lot of fun. I watched as the group was circling around for one or two blocks ahead. We filled the road. Next we turned right and did a loop onto, I believe, 4th. We headed downtown, and then turned and went through Pike Place. Unfortunately there weren't many people there and having a largely aluminum bike without shocks is not the best on bumpy cobblestones (I just didn't sit down). After getting through Pike Place, we headed down Western. This road was only two lanes, and didn't have much traffic, so the group swelled to fill up the whole road. We headed all the way to Yesler, and then continued on 1st, getting claps from bar goers the whole way. Even the waiters we clapping, I guess people love a spectacle. We turned onto Jackson for another aggressive climb all the way to 12th. We continued going north until we hit Pike. At this point the group waited for a little while. The back of the parade was perhaps 3/4 of a mile back, so the group paused to catch up. We turned west on Pike and then north on Broadway. As we continued on 10th Ave E, some people turned around. The group was thinning, but still quite large. It was hard for the unicyclist to keep up with us when we went downhill near 520, but he managed to keep up. We went down Harvard, across the Eastlake bridge, took a short jaunt across NE Campus Parkway, and then went north on the Ave. I turned off at 50th and came down 15th before finally returning to the dorms. It was a long, great ride. One guy was hauling a trailer playing loud reggae. Awesome. In the end, I probably rode at least 40 km today. That night we put out lots of fans to cool off the cluster, and finished Firefly.
Today I went with Mike to Chaco Canyon. On the way we passed a frat that was playing what sounded like soca. I didn't believe my ears from a far. As we got close, the light turned green and the cars overpowered. Finally the cars died down and I could hear that the beat was in fact soca. I believe I also heard that in the lyrics, although I wasn't sure. Very awesome. At Chaco, we both got a mocha madness, and I got a hummus-cucumber sandwich to go with it. Mike surfed the web while I read the Times and PI (whichever sections looked interesting at the counter (the papers were already disassembled, I didn't do it)). After visiting Uncle Edmund in the hospital, I came home and mowed the back yard with a push mower (I ran around with that thing; fun times). I got my mom's bike into working order (inflated the tires and made sure the chain wouldn't pop off again after it did when I started). I took the bike to QFC to get some produce. It was a lot of work getting up the hill in the hardest gear. It was fun riding around that really old bike once (and only once). I made a soup of onions, parsnips, and broccoli mostly myself... it turned out okay.
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