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2005-08-17 01:17:18 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Has anyone else noticed what I'm dubbing Google Quick Links? For certain queries, along with the main result, Google will provide some shortcuts to other parts of the website that it deems helpful. This feature comes and goes, so it must be in testing phase. Please e-mail me if you have seen these or have anything official to add.

In other news, there were two new appliances waiting at home when I got back from my backpacking trip in the Cascades with my former Boy Scout troop. I've used the washer and dryer a couple of times and I'm mighty impressed. It has a touch screen interface that allows you to select from dozens of ways it can use to determine how the clothes should be washed (based on fabric or type of garment, for example). It also automatically senses how full the load is, in order to use just enough water. Finally, the washing machine talks to the dryer and tells it about the incoming load. I swear, those things are smarter than I am. They are so nice to use compared to the 22 year old machines they are replacing. And of course they are energy star (where as our old ones figuratively needed the energy of a star to run with all those inefficiencies).
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