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2005-08-17 19:58:45 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Holy cow, small world. I was talking with Danny Naylor on my hiking trip, and I believe it was him who mentioned how his brother will be sharing a house with a guy who created the website Poker Facebook. Yesterday I learned about the website BlogPulse, which allows you to monitor trends in blogs. I tried searching for my URL and found some interesting results. Then, on a whim, I searched for The Face Book's URL (just to see if there were lots of college kids blogging about it) and I ran across this blog post talking about bumvertising. It mentions Poker Facebook. I thought that was odd, could it be the same thing? Nah. But I was downstairs just now looking to order a pizza and I saw the Reporter sitting on the kitchen table. I moved some letters and saw on the front page "'Bumvertising' earning attention". It continues, "A 2001 Mercer Island High School graduate and determined young entrepreneur, Ben Rogovy has found himself in the midst of a firestorm about the way he is advertising a new business." Holy shit! Talk about a small world. Sure enough, all three of these stories are related. I'd link you to the Reporter piece, but since it is a small time paper, it doesn't have a great website and the story isn't up yet.
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