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2005-08-22 18:43:54 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I was talking to Toby from MusicMobs last night. As I was going to bed, he sent me an invite to Pandora. The concept behind Pandora is really interesting. Instead of just using algorithms to recommend music, they have musicians analyze the music and take notes about it, and then use those characteristics to recommend the music. I've entered a bunch of my favorite artists into it and now it is randomly playing music I might like. Currently it is playing Trenchtown Rock (Live) by Bob Marley and it thinks I'll like it because it features "reggae roots, mild rhythmic syncopation, mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation, extensive vamping, and prominent organ". I may have entered too many reggae songs, because while typing this, it switched to 54 46 That's My Number by Toots and The Maytals. Ack! Two more reggae songs! What have I created? If this gets stuck on reggae, I can always create a new station. You can taylor each station to have a certain feel by entering songs and/or artists from a specific genre. Maybe I'll try creating a C89.5 or 107.7 copy.
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