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2005-08-25 23:54:44 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Good stuff happening. I had a craving today for some guacamole, so I rode my bike to store for the makings. When I got home, I made a big plate of nachos (not much cheese, since the chips would be used for dipping), guacamole, and one can of beans. I ate all the beans and nachos, and a bunch of the guacamole. Yum... food. Tomorrow will be a good day because it is that certain time of the month. Critical mass! Mike is going and I'm determined to get my brother to go. That last bit of good news for now is that from Saturday through Tuesday I'll be making my annual pilgrimage to the land of pure capitalism. While there, I will partake in the Mystére, Blue Man, and Avenue Q. It will be Mike's first time to the holy land.
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