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2005-08-26 00:34:59 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I've known Taylor Odegard since he was in my kindergarten class. Let's just say we haven't always gotten along. He went the route of soccer player and 'jock' while I eventually became a nerd and later hippy-nerd. Most of the flames were thrown in elementary school and middle school. I can only recall one encounter in high school. One day, must have been sometime sophomore year, I was chatting at the nerd corner when he came by with a girl. He said something rude in order to impress her and walked away. Between sophomore year and the end of senior year, an amazing thing happened: he matured. On the bus to the senior party (technically after high school) he complimented me and acted very civil. I didn't seem him again until a few weeks ago at QFC where he said hi and was nice. It seems Taylor Odegard has finally become a friendly person and I commend him for this. There are a few people I know that could learn a lesson from Taylor.
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