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2005-09-01 00:06:03 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
That was a fun extended weekend. Let's see. Well, Friday was critical mass of course. It started fine, but then we headed up to Capitol Hill like always. I was tired of riding down Broadway, when there are so many other interesting roads (and last month we had a police escort), so I tried with some others to get the group to turn left. Other people ruined it and we continued straight up to Broadway. Sure enough, we were met by a number of bicycle cops and soon some squad cars. They were uptight and gave us a hard time. Right before the big downhill toward the U-District, Jeff and I split off to ride back to the park and ride. Mike was going to drive and meet us there. All three of us were slower getting to the Park and Ride than anticipated. We arrived at The Old Firehouse 20 minutes late, but fortunately no one had started playing yet (there are advantages to have clubs always be late). Anyway, it started with The Catch, whose lead singer, Carly, is also in United State of Electronica. USE rocked, despite the technical difficulties of the venue. While they were working out some of the problems, Jason went over and started banging on some drums while Jon worked the hi-hat (well, I think that is what was happening, I couldn't see very well). The set seemed shorter than normal (perhaps due to the technical problems). They played Dance With Me and K-I-S-S-I-N-G, but not Umbrella of Love, Night Shift, or Takin' It All The Way (IIRC). They played Gimme Mo, which excited me because I've seen the live show enough (I don't know where else to listen to it, they haven't played it on KEXP) to know some of the opening words to that song ("All my life! I never thought it would happen."). They didn't play So Tired of Fucking Around, which I've only heard a few times (no more than two or three, I imagine). I'm very excited for their next album. At the second Vera project show I attended, Jason said they were thinking that it might come out by the end of the year. I'd love to get my hands on it, but if I have to wait for the album to be perfected, then I'd rather wait. Blue Man Group's Complex album was delayed and it turned out wonderful. Anyway, after the show I gave Noah a hug (I talked to him briefly before the show) and said hi to Jon. I was surprised to find Jessica Gawryn there (she was in my grade in high school and is apparently "Cool Aeople"), so I approached her and we chatted briefly. That night I showed Mike some funny Daily Shows on my computer and then packed.
Saturday we flew into Las Vegas and, after checking, got right to work. Jeff, Mike, and I quickly split away from my mom and started showing Mike the neat hotels. We headed out of the Luxor through Excalibur to NY, NY. We explored there and checked out the Cirque du Soleil gift shop (we would hit them all by the end of the trip). I asked if they had a Zumanity soundtrack yet and the nice woman explained that they have a 'based on' album, which does a disservice to the show, and that they should be replacing it with a true soundtrack eventually. By being honest, they lost a potential sale, but kept me a satisfied customer; one more likely to go to their shows in the future (I haven't bought stuff from ThinkGeek in over three years because I felt I was mistreated as a customer). We headed to the MGM, then down the strip. We did the Aladdin mall loop thing, visited Paris, and then went to the Forum Shops at Caesars. The Forum was less confusing than last year, because all construction was completed and I saw the new, three story shopping area (with spiral escalator). We met my mom and her friend Jan at Terrazza. We made reservations there because its menu featured lots of veggie options. Half of the pastas were veggie. In fact, Jeff was the only one who ordered a dish with meat (well, besides our calamari appetizer). I had Gnocchi di Patate. The pre-meal bread was also very delicious. That night we saw Mystére, which was beautiful. I was afraid I would be disappointed because it is a fairly old show, but that was not the case at all. I have never been disappointed by Cirque du Soleil. We got a ride back to the Luxor. Before bed, the three of us headed over to Mandalay Bay, looked at the restaurants, Rumjungle, and then got nachos at Raffles. They messed up our first order just slightly (they put sour cream on it), so they gave us a second one for free.
Sunday we went to more hotels. We started at the Venetian, and then worked our way down through The Mirage, Caesars, and Bellagio. That night we watched the Blue Man Group show. The zoetropes worked, but the rocket launchers on the backpack tubulums ejected prematurely, blowing their load all over the stuff above stage. Confetti hung from the ceiling for the rest of the show. Of the Blue Men, I only recognized Brett, and I think he recognized me, which was great since I hadn't seen him in a year (and have only seen him perform three times). At the very end of the meet and greet, Jeff and I got kisses from him. Later that night, all four of us saw an IMAX show about Fighter Pilots.
Monday we took the monorail down to the Hilton for lunch at Quark's. The ride cost $35, which is insanely overpriced (especially since you only get to go on each one once now), so we didn't do that. We explored the Wynn and finally took our seats at Avenue Q. The show was more hilarious than Mike or I anticipated. I had tears in my eyes during parts of the show.
Tuesday I came home. I met Will, Elena, and Tyler at Uwajimaya and then we walked to the baseball game where the Mariners beat the Yankees. All in all a very excellent (and expensive) weekend. I'm anxious to see Blue Man Show when it moves to the Venetian, but I'm sure I'll come to love the changes.
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