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2005-09-06 23:52:11 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Preview of clouds in musicmobsI've been playing with a lot of blog monitoring websites recently. It is interesting to see trends in the 'blogosphere'. I also search for myself, in order to feed my ego. While playing with technorati today (perhaps for the first time?), I discovered I was on Matt Westervelt's blog roll. I'm honored... hi Matt! :)
In other news, Musicmobs is working on a beta and I'm working on a few hacks that might make their way to the site. Clouds are nothing new, I've seen them on Flickr and even Amazon has them now, but this was my first time creating one. It wasn't too hard and the whole perl file to make that page is really small (most of the time I spent creating it was just refreshing my knowledge of perl).
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