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2005-09-15 18:23:24 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Apple better send some more Kool-aid up here to Seattle because there are a few of us that are losing the faith. About a month ago the left hinge on our late-model TiBook snapped. I had seen it on other PowerBooks, but I didn't think it would happen to ours because it is so lightly used. We turned it in to the Apple store for repair on August 26th, which will make it three weeks tomorrow. On August 29th they put a hold on it because they are missing a part. There has been no change in the status since then. Last Sunday we went to the store and asked them 'WTF?' They said they would put an escalation on it on Monday, when Apple Care opens again. I called them yesterday to see if they escalation had actually been put in place. They said they'd give me a call back, but it never happened. Today I called again, waited on hold for a few minutes, and they said that it had been escalated, but the part still wasn't available. This is ridiculous, the computer should have been back a long time ago. I wonder if the PowerBook hinge problem is more widespread than Apple anticipated, so they are having trouble getting enough replacement parts in stock. I am normally a big Apple fan, I think they are doing some great stuff, but this is unacceptable and puts a black mark on their otherwise fairly clean record.
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