Apple Woes, Coming Events
Apple Woes, Coming Events
2005-09-22 23:15:42 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Fuckity fuck fuck. Well, tomorrow is the one month anniversary of our laptop being in service. Somehow I don't think we are going to see it any time soon. My mom talked to the people at the Apple store on the phone and, of all places, guess where it is... fucking Texas. The Apple repair facility is being evacuated for Hurricane Rita, so who knows when we'll see the bugger again. I'm angry. Grr, Andrew smash!

In other, happier news, I've moved into my apartment. I'm writing this while standing and the PowerBook is resting on one leg. I, unfortunately, don't have internet here yet, which is why I am forced to do gymnastics to surf the internet. Some more cool news. Early next week, like Monday, The Presidents and Smoosh are playing at the UW. I missed Smoosh at Bumbershoot because the line was too long outside of EMP's Sky Church, and I'm always happy to see The Presidents. My brother also saw a hint that Serenity will be playing at the Cinerama, but when he went back to the website (MovieTickets), it was no longer listed. Hopefully the tickets will become available soon so I can snap up some for opening night. Unfortunately, I'll most likely have to skip Critical Mass. However, more good news, the next day I fly down to Vegas!!! It'll be my second trip to Vegas this summer, but I just couldn't resist. The founders (Chris, Matt, and Phil) gave 100 tickets, split equally between a rehearsal show and a preview show, to the Blue Man Library for dispersal to the fans. I got my hands on one, so I'm going on a 24 hour journey to the Blue Men. This will make up for the fact that I missed the fan meet. Thanks founders, you rock. Also thanks to eternallyblue and rotcav for distributing the tickets.
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