Apple Repents, New Apartment
Apple Repents, New Apartment
2005-09-24 02:17:23 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
What's that? *rumble* *rumble* *BOOM* "OHHHHH YEAH!" It's the Kool-Aid guy! Our laptop is about to get blown by Rita, and they might not even have any TiBook parts left, so they are going to give us a 'new' laptop. I put that in quotes because I'm positive it will be an AlBook, but it might be a refurbished one. My mom called me today to get stats for the old computer, so the Apple store would be able to replace it with an equal or better machine. We'll see what happens, but I'm tempted to drink from the Kool-Aid man.

In other news, I slept in my freakin' dark room tonight. I think it'll be lighter tonight with my alarm clock. Early this afternoon I visited Will and worked for an hour from Brian's desk (who arrives tomorrow). I ate dinner at Hillside Quickies (my first food of the day, unfortunately), and then went and visited Mike's house. I'm on a neighbor's wireless right now (VPNed to home), and the reception is pretty good. I did order my Speakeasy DSL today, but that won't be here for two weeks at least, so hopefully this connection lasts. Tomorrow I think I might attend the anti-war rally (if for no other reason than to say FU to Bush) and then mom and I are going shopping and getting food for me.
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