Google, Serenity, Las Vegas
Google, Serenity, Las Vegas
2005-10-10 19:32:17 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Google updated Search History today. They added the ability to star results (like a bookmark) and add tags. It feels a little bit like a personal right now. Unfortunately, starring doesn't work in Safari for some reason, so I have to star with Firefox for the moment. I've only starred two results, because they were the only two I could think of off the top of my head, but it'll be interesting to see what it looks like later when I have more entries.
In other news, I saw Serenity again on Saturday. (potential spoiler) The first time I saw it I thought people would be confused when Inara showed up, but later I realized that she was given an introduction (associating a face to her name) in the little video Kaylee filmed. It was still good the second time, and we saw it in the exact same theatre. I also watched the first nine minutes online on Friday. In the room with River, there was a Pyxis SupplyStation. I looked it up online and it is a real thing! I guess Pyxis has some staying power if they'll still be around 600 years in the future.
Oh right, I haven't mentioned my Las Vegas trip, which, BTW, was friggin' awesome. Some words of advice: be wary about which airport shuttle you take (some are fucking slow). Other than that, the trip was great. I saw lots of friends again and I even met Chris and Phil! I posted pictures in my gallery.
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