Google Analytics; Yahoo! Jealous?
Google Analytics; Yahoo! Jealous?
2005-11-29 12:38:21 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Google has stopped new users from signing up for Analytics and is preventing current users from adding more websites. While drastic, this has allowed them to finally catch up with demand. My stats are usually no more than 12 hours behind. About 3/4 of my hits are from Google. About 1/3 of users are on Firefox and 10% use Safari. I've even had hits from Iran! I might write a website/script to display the queries. I'll have to hide it from search engines (robots.txt) to prevent that from affecting my SERP rankings.

In related news, I was looking through today's stats and I got a referral from Yahoo!'s corporate Wiki. It looks like Yahoo! is discussing the competition. BigTable has a really interesting, powerful design, but I imagine knowing the design/behavior wouldn't be of much use. The real value is probably in Google's implementation. It is easy to say like, load balance the chunks, but much harder to actually code it to the requirements and make it scalable.

In other news, I've traded e-mails with a music store in the Virgin Island and I may have some good news soon (as in, news that makes my month/quarter).
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