A Few Apple Complaints
A Few Apple Complaints
2005-12-06 12:52:13 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Even though their stock is stratospheric, I'd like to mention a few things that have have been hurting my user experience as an Apple user. I'm overwhelmingly satisfied, but since Apple is known for their great user experience, little problems really stand out. First, while Dashboard is a fun tool and easy to develop for, the widgets often have quality problems. The biggest offender is probably the stock widget. It often lists the wrong prices or change in value. Sometimes it is just wrong and has random numbers, and other times it duplicates the price for a couple of your stocks. In the screenshot you can see the widget incorrectly claim GE's price and change are the same as AAPL's. Pressing F12 twice will fix this, so it isn't catastrophic, but it does tarnish the image of the widget.

I'm glad they included an RSS reader in Tiger, but it also has some frustrating problems. On some of the feeds, it gets the date wrong about 25% of the time, so you have to scroll down the list to see where it stuck the latest entry. I've checked the source of some problem feeds, but it all looked okay. Also, Safari RSS very occasionally says I have new posts, but the entry turns out to be blank (and the feed hadn't changed). I'm not sure how these bugs crop up, but they are somewhat annoying. I have filed a bug report for this.

Also, Apple added a bunch of new shows to the Music Store today. I was excited to see Conan O'Brien, but upon investigation, I became disappointed. Currently they only offer six videos from Conan. Four of them are just short skits (from 6.5-12.5 minutes in length) being offered for the standard episode price of $1.99. All of these skits seem to be at least 4-5 years old (back in the Andy Richter days). They also include two hour-long special episodes of Conan, but these are $9.99! $9.99! Whoever set these prices really dropped the ball. I would have considered buying some Triumph videos (he is hilarious and I would be glad to support the ones I like), but these prices are kind of outrageous. I don't know who's to blame, Apple or NBC, but this shouldn't have happened.
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