Google Modules
Google Modules
2006-01-17 22:46:49 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Neat. My Alexa widget is now in the official Google Modules directory. I got an e-mail from a Googler the other day. He wanted to include it, but I had made a mistake which prevented it from working in IE. I was using the standard command for a body onload, but I was supposed to use Google's method so that it would interact nicely on a page with lots of JavaScript from other people. Anyway, I fixed it and now it is in the directory.

Something interesting about that page: Google is hot linking to all the images. I find this is a little odd. First, Google has bandwidth up the wazoo and second, everyone knows the danger of hot linking. What if someone were to switch their image with a certain hello.jpg? Not that I would, I value my widget's placement and I want to keep open the possibility that I might work at Google in the future.
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