Superbowl Thoughts
Superbowl Thoughts
2006-02-06 01:05:29 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I don't normally watch the actual Superbowl, but since the Seahawks were playing, I had to. This was the first football game I ever enjoyed watching (well, mostly enjoyed). I must say, that officiating was worse than anything I had ever seen in the NBA. While it is true the Seahawks made mistakes themselves, I am convinced the referees killed their mojo and set the Steelers up for plays that would not have been possible otherwise. I can't believe how ridiculous the calls were. Every time the Seahawks made an amazing play (like Jackson's touchdown or, even more so, the blocking of Roethlisberger's faux touchdown), the referees made a call in the Steelers' favor. I mean what the hell? I'm not even a football fan and I'm angry about this.

As for the commercials: somewhat disappointing. I'm especially upset over the Kermit and other hybrid car ads. There were three companies advertising 'green cars', which is the biggest misnomer in common use. I cringe every time someone says green car because cars are orthogonal to the environment. Emerald Nuts was pretty lame and I was disappointed to see more GoDaddy ads.

Some of the commercials were winners. The Bud "Magic Fridge" ad was hilarious and their Wave commercial was clever. The Ameriquest Ad with the electrical paddles provoked laughter in the Hitchcock home. The MacGyver ad was entertaining, since you can't go wrong with MacGyver.
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