Musicmobs Album Art Cloud
Musicmobs Album Art Cloud
2006-02-12 23:06:26 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Example album cloud.I just put the finishing touches on a new Musicmobs goody. The artist cloud I made does an adequate job, but has the same drawbacks as all other text clouds (namely, that longer tags (or in my case, artists) get more visual space that doesn't accurately represent their popularity). The newest cloud uses fixed sized objects that are much more visual than text: album covers. All the album covers provided by Amazon are the same aspect ratio (1:1), so the size accurately represents the popularity. However, there is a major drawback: currently, Musicmobs doesn't have links for the majority of album art, so your cloud is only a sampling of your top albums. If you want your own cloud, sign up for an account at

Every successive little tool I create becomes more advanced behind the scenes. I figured there must be some easy way to cache information in Perl, so I Googled and found Cache::Cache, which this tool uses (with very little modification). In addition, the last two tools have used XML::DOM for parsing XML, instead of reading the file line by line and running a regex on the text (which was fast, but not as reliable or sexy). Eventually I'll back port things I've learned, but not yet.
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