The Daily Show In iTunes Has A Major Flaw
The Daily Show In iTunes Has A Major Flaw
2006-03-08 17:03:13 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I recently mentioned a problem with Google's widget page, which has since been fixed. Now there is an Apple problem that is time sensitive (because if they don't fix this error, they are likely to make it every day, and every day this isn't fixed is another day I won't buy the product in question (you can't purchase back episodes with the Multi-Pass, so they really are lost purchases)). I'm trying to make as much noise about this as possible, in order to make sure Apple knows about the problem and other people can put pressure on them to fix it. In the picture, the top image is from a clip online and the bottom image is from the iTunes Music Store clip. Notice the difference in head shape. Here is my open letter to Apple:

Good afternoon.

I just heard about The Daily Show being released on iTMS and I was planning on buying it using the new Multi-Pass, but then watched the preview and was shocked to see that the video is using an incorrect aspect ratio. The video content itself is 4x3, but it was encoded in widescreen, effectively stretching out everything.

Apple puts such a large emphasis on quality, so this video with the wrong aspect ratio stands out as a big oversight.

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