Unacceptable (TDS on iTMS)
Unacceptable (TDS on iTMS)
2006-03-16 13:07:54 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Now I'm angry. The first two episodes in my Multi-Pass were encoded correctly (I skipped the first two released which weren't done right), but the third and fourth episodes of my Multi-Pass are back to the incorrect aspect ratio. This is unacceptable. When the store was released a few years ago, Steve Jobs kept talking about the guaranteed quality and how you wouldn't have to spend hours looking for a good copy of a song on a file sharing network. That's kind of funny. Over two years ago I was downloading high quality copies of The Daily Show without commercials and without any encoding problems (or advertisements for "The Motherload") for free. Now, two years later, there is finally a legal way for me to download The Daily Show, but they can't figure out how to get the aspect ratio right. Right now it is doubtful I will buy another Multi-Pass.

Out of the six Colbert Reports published, only the episode from March 13th is encoded correctly. Out of six Daily Show episodes, only March 9th and 13th are encoded correctly. March 7th, 8th, and 14th are all encoded at 320x208 and March 15th is encoded at 320x216. If anyone from the iTMS team or Comedy Central reads this, the correct aspect ratio is 320x240!

I encourage anyone who is considering buying a Multi-Pass to not do it. If you have already bought a Multi-Pass, go to Apple's video feedback page, select "My video looks bad", and tell them what the problem is.
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