Google's Most Popular Queries
Google's Most Popular Queries
2006-05-10 16:37:07 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Today Google held their second annual Press Day. The introduced Google Co-op, which allows you to create your own OneBox that people can subscribe to. I subscribed to Digg and Gapminder, in addition to the defaults, so it'll be interesting to see what starts showing up in my SERPs. However, my favorite new feature of the day is Google Trends. Now you don't have to wait for the Zeitgeist and hope they choose to show the query you are interested in. Trends allows you to plot graphs of the relative popularity of up to five queries. Additionally, you can narrow the graph by year (the data goes back to 2004), month, or region. Along with the graph, Google will also show related news articles, and a breakdown of popularity by city, region, and language.

For a long time, Google has claimed that their most popular query is [britney spears], but I didn't believe it. I mean, come on, [porn] has got to be way more popular than [britney spears]. With Trends, I plotted them on the same graph, and sure enough I was correct. Hmm, is there anything more popular than porn? I tried some other generic queries. The most popular query I could find was [de]. I wonder, though, this must include instances where de is a subset of the query, and not just queries for [de]. Can you anyone find a query that is even more used than de?
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