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2006-07-12 13:24:59 by Andrew Hitchcock G+

About six months ago I felt my website design was starting to get a little old and that I should probably get rid of the puke colors I lifted from ThinkGeek over four and a half years ago. Also, I wanted to make my page more accessible and truly separate the content from the design. The design should be much more flexible now, and the content comes before the navigation, which helps those people using screen readers.

I was originally playing around with blues, but the page always looked too cold. I found this online color wheel which helped me pick a color scheme for my website. I found some colors that complimented each other, and then I got their pastel versions to make it more pleasant. I spent a lot of time rearranging colors to see which worked well in which area. I settled on the tan for the title to make the page warm. I had trouble working in the purple, so I saved that for visited links.

The text size and color variety really adds to the page and makes it more interesting. Also, the website has much better SEO features (like using the title of posts as the link, instead of "Permanent Link"). The page feels a lot more modern and I'm glad I'm finally able to roll it out. The old version is still available if you want to compare.

Update 14:59
I forgot to mention, the script now properly throws a 404 if you request a page that doesn't exist, instead of just showing the design with no content.

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