.83's Tour de Dumpster
.83's Tour de Dumpster
2006-08-27 23:11:17 by Andrew Hitchcock G+

I've had many great bike adventures this week. Every Tuesday and Thursday, I go on a bike ride with Point 83—a bike group with a drinking problem. This Tuesday's ride was a lot of fun and a prime example of what happens on these rides. After meeting at Red Square at 19:00, the group decided to head down to Georgetown. To make the ride longer and more interesting, we rode through Fremont, up Nickerson St, and across a bridge to the other side of the Interbay train yard. We followed the path through the train yard and Myrtle Edwards Park, where a number of hippies were still stoned and lost from Hempfest that weekend. We biked along the waterfront for a few miles before turning left towards Safeco Field, where we could hear the Mariners playing the Yankees inside. After climbing the elevated roadway, we turned right onto 4th Ave and continued deeper into SODO. Folks were hungry, so we decided to go to Stellar Pizza and Ale. Along the way, I almost got in an accident with Daniel Featherhead—who recently got back from a bike ride to Nova Scotia. I was riding behind him and close to the sidewalk when he turned in front of me to get on the sidewalk. I'm not sure how either of us managed to stay up, because my front wheel went in between the spokes of his back wheel, but we did.

At Stellar, some people ordered beer (they sell a pitcher of PBR for $4 on Tuesdays) and I decided to split a pizza with a few friends. It was my choice, so I ordered the Corson Classic: "Sliced Yukon spuds, gorgonzola cheese & sweet white onions". The pizza was slow to arrive, but I passed the time drinking Arrogant Bastard Ale and PBR. The pizza was great, but a little expensive. Once the drinks were gone, we decided to hit up all the important South Seattle dumpsters. First on the list was the infamous chocolate dumpster. The employees just happened to bring out some espresso chocolate as we arrived, so it hadn't even hit the dumpster yet. Everyone had their fix and Abby kept the extras (as it turns out, I ran into that chocolate again at a party on Saturday). We continued zig-zagged through Georgetown, hitting up the juice, bread, and bagel dumpsters. I got a large bottle of orange juice at the Naked dumpster, which I drank throughout the week and volunteered for screwdrivers at Mike's house. It retails for $6. We finished by riding through downtown and then headed towards our respective neighborhoods.

All in all, it was a great ride. We put in a fair number of miles and I ate good food, got free stuff, and hung out with cool folks. This was one of many bike events this week, but I thought it was notable and gives a good introduction to .83. Also, this post is foreshadowing something I'm working on, but I'll talk more about that later.

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