Facebook Backlash
Facebook Backlash
2006-09-07 00:22:43 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Sample of Facebook's feed feature showing my friends joining an anti-feed group.

Facebook recently launched a "feed" feature which lists every public action you or your friends make, including changing your profile or relationship status and RSVPing to a party. I don't like the feature because instead of just having the information public (in which case someone would have to be dedicated to noticing changes in my profile, which is okay by me), it is now being advertised to every single friend. It is also really unpopular among my friends (which I can tell because of the new feed feature). In fact, there is now an anti-feed group in Facebook with over half a million users. Time has a really succinct article reiterating my complaints about Facebook's new feature. If I wasn't getting free music because of Apple's partnership with Facebook, I'd probably have deleted my account.

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