A PVC Christmas
A PVC Christmas
2007-01-03 01:27:18 by Andrew Hitchcock G+

Being a Pastafarian, I'm not huge into Christmas, but I do enjoy seeing the extended family and wearing funny sweaters. In honor of pagan rituals co-opted by Christians and eventually turned into an excuse for excess consumerism, I decided to whip out the ole PVC and attempt to play a few festive jingles. I couldn't convince my brother to play with me, so there is no accompaniment. Additionally, I was rushed while recording both of these pieces, so I didn't have as much time to practice as I would have liked, which inevitably leads to me dragging in parts as I try to remember which notes to play (muscle memory hadn't completely kicked in at the time these were both recorded).

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

I chose the easier song first, in order to have it posted on YouTube before the family Christmas dinner. A few days after Christmas, I decided to tackle one of my favorite Christmas songs—Carol of the Bells. I was never able to get all the way through the song without messing up (I was short on time and this song required wild gesticulations), so this audio file was created by snipping the different parts of the song together (which is why there might be funny delays in parts). I think this song sounds particularly cool on the PVC.

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