Servers Hammered and Fortunes Made/Lost As Steve Jobs Announces iPhone
Servers Hammered and Fortunes Made/Lost As Steve Jobs Announces iPhone
2007-01-10 02:19:52 by Andrew Hitchcock G+

San Francisco, CA — The innertubes were nearly full today as millions of geeks self flagellated while watching Steve Jobs announce the iPhone.

Servers were hammered with the release. News of the iPhone quickly became the most dugg story of the year and currently has over 17,000 diggs (with almost 1400 comments). The Flickr photo linked to in the article has over 101k views. Nine of the top ten stories on Digg today were related to Apple's announcement.

Additionally, Apple's market cap rose approximately 6 billion dollars as the stock skyrocketed over 8%. Owners of Research in Motion, maker of the Blackberry, weren't so lucky, as RIMM shed over 2 billion dollars of market cap and fell nearly 8%.

It was very difficult for those of us trying to avoid spoilers (I wanted to watch the Keynote video without knowing any of the new products). Nearly every website I follow carried the news (even non-tech sites). A Burger Place, where I had lunch, was tuned to a station showing Apple's new gadgets, but my TV-B-Gone took care of that. It was especially difficult to avoid spoilers, as Apple's own website added a new iPhone tab and the website for the stream mentioned the iPhone. Bastards.

It is funny, I had an iPhone premonition on Monday. I said to my brother over Jabber, "It'd be cool if Apple released a PADD: a big screen iPod/iPhone device/PDA." I thought the PADD would be neat, but I didn't actually expect it to get released.

I was surprised that MWSF07 didn't include any info about the new version of OS X or any news about updated iApps (iLife and iWork). However, fortunately, Steve Jobs wasn't retiring as some folks were predicting (or perhaps worrying).

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