worst. week. evar
worst. week. evar
2007-03-16 01:44:53 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Marty Stepp

Wow, what a week. I"ve been coding (or reading about coding) for about six days straight. It is hard to believe it was that long, since it is all a blur of for loops and parenthesis.

I spent most of my waking hours last weekend in the underground labs at the Allen Center working on CAMPS, my 403 group project. We developed a campus mapping system that is all AJAXy and feels like Google Maps. I was responsible for the controls on the left side of the page, and I was also in charge of the client/server protocol. As part of that, I wrote this really neat JavaScript that does autocomplete when you type text. I am proud of it not because of its technical merits necessarily, but because it behaves very much like a desktop drop down and does what you'd expect. Anyway, I'd link to the hosted demo we have, but the server is going to wiped in a few days, at the end of the quarter. However, at least a few of us are going to continue to work on this in our spare time and hopefully we can get it hosted somewhere permanently.

So, not only was I busy all weekend, but my sleep, that precious me time, was cut short by those jokers in Congress. The DST change happened the weekend before finals week, which is just great. I'd like to do some data analysis to see how the grades suffered because of that (I would not be surprised to see a dip in normalized grades (versus past years) on Monday exams that is slowly erased as the week goes on). I'm mainly upset because I had an 08:30 final on Monday.

As soon as that final was done and we presented our 403 projects, I immediately started reading about Core Data. I had a Computer Vision assignment due this week where we had to write a content based image retrieval system (or CBIR). The program had to be able to save and load data and we get extra points for having a GUI. I had been wanting to try out Cocoa and Objective-C again, so this sounded like a perfect opportunity. I knew about Core Data, but none of the details, so I quickly read as much as I could about it to see if it was feasible. The last time I tried delving into Cocoa (it has been about two years now, so longer than I've officially been a CS major), I was overwhelmed by all the unfamiliar terms and large number of classes. Now that I've learned more and have a better understanding of the concepts (and no longer call methods functions), it wasn't all that challenging. My GUI was pretty basic, just listing essential information and allowing you to perform queries, but it was better than a command line interface. I had lots of ideas about how to make the UI better, but I didn't have time to play around with that.

Okay, enough about CS and CBIR. I wouldn't mind seeing some beer myself, but alas I missed the .83 ride today. Oh well, I just have to wait about 22 hours…

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