Is Google Afraid of the Big Bad Microsoft?
Is Google Afraid of the Big Bad Microsoft?
2008-02-03 18:35:27 by Andrew Hitchcock G+

Earlier today Google posted its opinions about Microsoft's bid for Yahoo on its blog. I must say, I'm disappointed. In the post, Google not-so-subtly asks for government intervention in the takeover. Google claims they want this in the name of openness and innovation, but what freedom? Specifically, the freedom from government intervention in private business. The software industry is healthy and prosperous with minimum government contact. Allowing government interference would result in corruption, cronyism, and inefficiency, just like every industry it touches.

Regarding the purchase, neither are majority players in search or advertising–likely the main reasons for the acquisition–even combined. Contrast this to Google and DoubleClick at the time of that purchase. Demanding the right to buy DoubleClick and then asking the government to restrict Microsoft's purchase of Yahoo smacks of hypocrisy. Last year Microsoft tried to prevent the DoubleClick acquisition, but I expect this sort of hypocrisy from Microsoft. Now it seems Google is trying to pull the same thing. You have let me down Google, I thought better of you.

Anyway, I don't see what they are worried about. Google should be happy about the acquisition, the merger will more than likely result in a clusterfuck that drives more users away from Yahoo properties. I know that if Microsoft starts fucking with the Yahoo services I use, I'll jump ship.

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