I Lost My Virginity Last Night
I Lost My Virginity Last Night
2008-02-03 19:01:29 by Andrew Hitchcock G+

More than a decade after first watching the movie, I finally made it to a live midnight performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The show was put on by The Vicarious Theater Company at the Admiral theatre in West Seattle. The price was right at only $5. My friend Martin organized the outing and brought the requisite rice, newspapers, and (Amazon.com branded) playing cards.

The devirginizing was mild and painless. They were overwhelmed by first timers and so–unfortunately–didn't have enough supplies for all of us to partake in the food-based rituals.

The average age of the audience skewed younger than I expected–I was probably older than more than half of the audience. Still, many of the youngsters and first timers had impressive costumes. The audience was very enthusiastic with feedback and everyone partook in the Time Warp. Some of the quips were quite clever, but the part about Brad being an asshole got old. I'd definitely go again, I just wish the location wasn't so inconvenient.

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