Where's My Bailout?
Where's My Bailout?
2008-09-23 01:20:40 by Andrew Hitchcock G+

I'm getting more disgusted by the week, as the government nationalizes one company after another. I'm being punished for the reckless actions and mistakes of others. I looked into buying a house last summer but decided against it because I thought the market was too shaky and because it would significantly limit my freedom for years to come (for example, the freedom to create a startup).

Now we are faced with an enormous government bailout that will cost each taxpayer thousands of dollars. And this couldn't have happened at a worse time. Since the election is almost upon us, both candidates are veering even more towards populism in order to win votes. They are both blaming the free market for getting us into this mess. However, the government has been engineering this crisis for years by keeping the interest rates low and propping up Freddie and Fannie so people with low income can buy houses. Not only did the government cause the crisis through their policies, but now they are going to exacerbate it with even more broken legislation.

I didn't make irresponsible investments or take out a loan I couldn't afford, but I'm being punished for other people's mistakes. This is an outrage. I want my bailout.

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