2008 Year In Review 2008 Year In Review
2009-01-14 22:47:26 by Andrew Hitchcock G+

At the beginning of 2008 I made a resolution to write one blog post a week. I fell short of my goal and only clocked in 21 posts. Nevertheless, I'm going to highlight some of the posts and provide a recap of what I've been up to here in the last year.

I wrote a couple of posts about cloud computing. For earth day, I talked about the potential environmental and economic benefits of using cloud computing. This is relevant given the recent attention paid to datacenter infrastructure by the popular media and the often incorrect studies they propagate. Microsoft launched Photosynth as Software + Services, which I wasn't too fond of. Finally, I explained Microsoft Azure to some ignorant slashdotters.

Speaking of cloud computing, I wrote two apps for Google App Engine. The first was a BigTable-like RESTful web service. It was intended as a joke, but it gets a fair amount of traffic (the website, not the service). I also ported my album cloud mashup over to App Engine.

I completed one of my life goals by finally getting IPv6 set up. Afterwards I wrote a HOWTO on configuring an IPv6 tunnel using m0n0wall. Hopefully it'll help a few people connect to the future of the internet.

And of course, anything I do wouldn't be complete with rants… lots and lots of rants about Leopard, Safeway, Photosynth, bailouts, slashdotters, and the auto industry.

Here's to a great 2009.

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