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2002-03-22 23:05:11 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Hello all. The website was down some today while I upgraded to Apache 1.3.24. Also, I previously signed up to go to the Sonics game vs Houstin with some other fellow Boy Scouts as part of a scouting event. I payed 8 dollars for the seat. My parents were making fun of me by saying that they would get me Kleenexs for when my nose starts to bleed All the while they would be in their season ticket seats. They went in before we Boy Scouts got our tickets from will call. I looked at the tickets and it said section 125, so I thought, "hmm, that isn't the upper bowl..." I then looked at the price and they were 90 dollar seats, I pointed that out to everyone, and I was happy. I couldn't wait until my parents heard about this. I got a lot of stuff for 8 dollars: 2 free Chalupas (we won 112 to 82), 1 free Desmond Mason bobble-head, and 1 free 90 dollar seat. It was a great game, Drobnjak made some good plays and I got to see Ben Simon. I've got pictures that show the loot I got. I have awful lighting in my room. One bulb out of the two in my overhead light is burnt out. And it happens to be the one that is on the side where I took the pictures. That is why Desmond Mason's bobble-head looks so dark.
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