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2002-06-27 00:51:29 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Some of you may have noticed that the server was down the last few days (since Monday afternoon). Actually, no one probably noticed. Anyway, the reason for this is I upgrade the server.... to Linux! So now, this is running on my Linux boxen. You might notice (although I doubt anyone cares) that the load times have decreased a lot. Also, with the new freedom Linux gives me, I installed an image gallery. That should make it easier to search through the images. Also, the images should load faster, because, instead of the 16 KBps upload rate I had before, I now upload at about 22 KBps or more. Score! Take that AT&T! Fight the Man! Also, I will hopefully be getting a digital SLR camera soon. If that is the case, then expect to see a lot of new pictures. Also, that gallery will come in handy when you can view thumbnails instead of having to download the full 2.5 meg (or whatever) file. I have some more images I might upload with comments (like from my Las Vegas trip (where I met Frank Klepacki!!)) If I think about it, I might still write that Episode II review. Anyway, I'm off now. I bid you adeu.
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