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2003-01-17 23:42:03 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
From here.
Walt Disney corp ,n8B8B8Bn,
oration is a gr .8B8B8B8B8Bb
eedy parasite -8B8B8B8B8B8Bnd8P-''8g,
e on the publi 8B8B8B8B8B8B8B ` _` `'-\. .n.
c domain. The `Y8B8B8B8B8B8B. / _` |-\\ (8"8b
y are hypocr ,nnn.. 8B8B8B8b.` | `\ \m\|8B8BP
itical in t ,d8B8B8B8B8B8B8B8Bb. \8b|.\P- -P8-
eir use of- 8B8B8B8B8B8B8B8P--_- `8B_| ` ` `|
public doma -8B8B8B8B8-'8' ` d8. ` `- ` ` `_/
in material .-Y8B8BP' -\ | |-|-b,_. _.---
and antagonistic to the ri .\`\_/ _./-
ghts of american citizens. Th \_--
ey care nothing for the Constitution, except
where it suits them. The founding fathers, were
they alive today, would be publically burning
Mickey in effigy.

Hollings Sucks
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