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2003-02-27 22:04:47 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I have been called a bastard by a few people for blocking IE from this page (actually, all pages served by the script index.pl, it doesn't affect the subdirectories). Here was my response: "eh" (for those of you that couldn't tell, that is indifference). I could careless if you can't reach my site with IE. If you really cared that much, just download another browser or spoof the browser ID field.
Anyway, the other day I tried restarting Apache to update some virtual hosts and it didn't work (way to go urpmi). I decided that this would be a good time to try and upgrade Apache so I would have the apxs file to build DSO mods with and then I would have the source for Apache to update like mod_perl. I am happy to say, after much work, everything appears to be going okay. I am running the latest version of everything (of the versions I am comfortable using, 1.3.x series of Apache and 1.x series of mod_perl). Go here to see what versions of the software I am running and my uptime. That is another think, the other day I passed the 60 day mark for uptime. This computer will stay on until the power goes out. Unfortunately, I don't have a UPS. I will soon have some extra memory for the server, but I won't be able to use it until the machine's uptime is broken :(. Oh yeah, I also upgraded to the latest version of MySQL. Viva la Open Source Software.
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