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2003-03-01 00:57:42 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
Wow, a few hours ago I got back from the best Sonics game I had been to in a long while. We may finally be playing well again. It was a great game against the Lakers (we won 107-90). My friends and colleagues may know that I hate the Lakers. Not dislike, but hate with a passion. Especially Shaq and Kobe. Shaq is an asshole (those comments he made to Yao) and Kobe is overrated. I'll admit that one of the reasons we won is because the referees were amazingly unbiased for a Lakers game (there were only about five completely horrible, Laker-biased calls (which is low for a Lakers game)). Kobe's "amazing" scores are, in my not so humble opinion, a direct result of the horrible calls made that advantage him.
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