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2003-03-11 22:43:07 by Andrew Hitchcock G+
I just got back from the Sonics game. People (Howie, Travis, the Sonics fan e-mail) keep telling me that the trade was good and I should give it time, however, I just don't see it happening. Sure, we won a bunch of games after we got Ray Allen, but we've fallen back into a losing streak. It's just like what happened at the beginning of the year. We won a bunch, but then we become bad.
Anyway, I saw the Dark Lord himself at the game. He was with Paul Allen, the owner of the Jailblazers.
There were a lot of Portland folk at the game (just like there are a lot of Seattle folk when we play them in Portland). A few weeks ago I actually went to the game in Portland. Anyway, at least 75% of the Portland fans were annoying and they were probably drunk as well. At Portland games, they have people in jackets that say "Alcohol Monitor" on them. I was very tempted to say to the annoying Blazer fan in the row behind me, "We don't normally have Alcohol Monitors at our games, but I think we should make an exception when you guys come to town." I mean jesus fucking christ, have some respect when you come to our town and watch a game in our arena. I didn't get drunk and roughty when I was in Portland (I am underage, but that is besides the point). Thanks to the fans at tonights game, I will be prejudiced in the future about Blazer fans that come to our games. I may not mean to, but it will happen.
Also, it was funny, someone at the game had a sign that said, "Raw-weed Wallace."
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